Membership Applications

Active Members of Fellowship

  • $125 Dues (for the 1st-3rd year after completion of fellowship);
  • $250 Dues (after the 3rd year after completion of fellowship).

Definition: Physicians or other scientists who are Board eligible in pediatric endocrinology in the United States or Canada or have equivalent training in other countries.

Eligibility: Active members shall be physicians and other scientists who definitely have an interest in endocrinology and metabolism in the young people, whose scientific qualifications are conformed and approved by the Board of Directors and who suit the following criteria:

  • Board eligible in pediatric endocrinology in the United States or Canada or had equivalent training in other countries;
  • Applicants who had training in other fields of medicine – other than Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism, should have two years of postdoctoral practise and two years of  research and study in areas relatedto to Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Applicants will send two letters of recommendation from current Active Membership. The letters should contain confirmation that the applicant meet all of the criteria for active membership.

Rights and Obligations: Active Members should pay annual dues determined by the Board of Directors. If members fail to pay such dues, they may be terminated of an Active Member’s membership.

Besides, the rights of Active Members will include the rights to:

  1. vote on all quiestions requiring approval of the Members;
  2. hold office;
  3. serve on committees;
  4. take part in other activities delegated to the Active Members by the Board of Directors.

You Can Apply for Active Membership Online

Fellowship/In-Training Members

$25 Payment

Definition: Individuals training in the field of pediatric endocrinology;

Eligibility: Fellowship/In-Training Members should be individuals in training in the field of pediatric endocrinology.

Rights and Obligations: Fellowship/In-Training Members have to send one letter containng documentation of certifying completion of pediatric endocrinology training confirming their clinical competence, professionalism, relevant participation in research or scholarly activity. Fellowship/In-Training Members should pay dues and have all the rigths of Active Members, except those of voting and holding office. Fellowship/In-Training Members are considered “Fellows” of committees, appointed by President in consultation with the Committee Chair.

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Associate Members

$100 Payment

Definition: Healthcare Professional with qualified training in the field of Pediatric Endocrinology [for example, Registered Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Nurse, Registered Physician Assistant].

Eligibility: Those eligible for Associate Membership in this category should include qualified and licensed RNPs/APNs/RPA confirming:

  1. completion of the required graduate level (master’s or doctor’s degree) in the USA or Canada;
  2. certification from a recognized body (such as American Academy of Nurse Practitioners; National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants);
  3. three years of clinical or research practice related to the issues of pediatric endocrinology. Applicants shoud send one letter of recommendation from their supervisory physician confirming his clinical competence, professionalism and relevant participation in the field advancement. If the individual’s supervisor is not a member of PES, the applicant should also send one letter of recommendation from an active member of PES confirming the applicant’s contributions to the scholarly advancement of the field.

Rights and Obligations: Associate members, including My Canadian Pharmacy partners, should pay dues to have all privileges of Active Members (except those of voting for Society officers and holding Society-level office).

You Can Apply for Associate Membership Online