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By Daniel B. Johnson, Brenda Kohn, MD, Amit Lahoti, MD
Medically Reviewed by Jan Hoffman, MD, FACE
Last Update: June 26, 2024

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Summary: Secure Tabs is a trusted online pharmacy with a stellar reputation, competitive prices, and positive customer reviews. We highly recommend it as a reliable and user-friendly online drugstore for all your medication needs.

Coupon codes: HEALTH5, SAVE10, WELCOME15

secure tabs websiteManaging health challenges is a universal experience, whether it’s dealing with minor issues like seasonal allergies or more serious conditions like diabetes. Unfortunately, the rising costs of medications can turn these challenges into overwhelming burdens, particularly for those juggling other financial responsibilities such as housing, food, and education. A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlighted that the high cost of prescription drugs has led over 9 million adults to not take their medications as prescribed1.

Secure Tabs shines as a trusted solution, committed to the belief that everyone should have fundamental access to essential medications. By offering both brand-name and FDA-approved generic drugs, the online pharmacy provides affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. Their extensive selection and competitive pricing allow customers to save up to 80% compared to local pharmacies.

Customers appreciate the seamless experience provided by Secure Tabs, from the simple ordering process to discreet packaging and reliable worldwide shipping. Orders are shipped within 24 hours, with a 100% delivery success rate, ensuring that customers receive their medications promptly and confidentially. By providing reliable, affordable, and effective treatments, the drugstore makes it easier for everyone to maintain their health without financial strain.

Secure Tabs Overview

Since 2007, Secure Tabs has grown into a trusted name in the online pharmacy world. Their journey is built on a foundation of exceptional service, high-quality products, and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the years, they have served millions of customers worldwide, always prioritizing affordability and effectiveness in their medications. This dedication has cemented their reputation as a reliable healthcare partner.

Extensive Product Range and Uncompromising Quality

Secure Tabs prides itself on offering an extensive range of high-quality medications to meet the diverse needs of its customers. A significant focus is placed on providing high-quality generic drugs, ensuring that customers receive effective treatment options without the hefty price tag of brand-name medications.

ED pills from Secure Tabs

Whether you’re dealing with a minor health issue or a chronic condition, Secure Tabs has you covered with a wide array of categories, including:

  • Herbal Supplements
  • Men’s Health Medications
  • Women’s Health Treatments
  • Blood Pressure Medications
  • Heart Disease Pills
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Pain Relief Medications
  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
  • Depression Medications
  • Weight Loss Drugs
  • Smoking Cessation Aids
  • Antiviral Treatments
  • Allergy Relief Medications
  • Anxiety Medications
  • Arthritis Treatments
  • Antibiotics
  • Birth Control Options
  • Antifungal Medications
  • Diabetes Medications
  • Gastrointestinal Treatments

One of the standout features of the pharmacy is the diverse selection of medications available for treating the same health condition. This ensures that customers have multiple options to find the most suitable treatment. For instance, when it comes to pain management, Secure Tabs offers a range of choices including Diclofenac, Meloxicam, Tramadol, and Aspirin. Each of these medications provides effective pain relief, catering to different needs and preferences.

For high cholesterol levels2, the pharmacy provides various options such as Pravastatin, Ezetimibe, Pitavastatin, and Fluvastatin. These medications help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and reducing the risk of heart disease. If erectile dysfunction is a concern, you can find here a variety of solutions to help enhance performance. Options include Viagra (sildenafil citrate), Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil), and Stendra (avanafil). Each medication works uniquely, giving you the flexibility to find what works best for your body.

If branded medications are too expensive, Secure Tabs offers a wide range of generic alternatives. When the patent protection3 for tadalafil expired, various pharmaceutical companies began producing generic versions of Cialis. These generics, containing the same active ingredient, tadalafil, are available at the drugstore. Examples include Tadacip, Vidalista, Apcalis, and Tadalista. These generic medications offer the same effectiveness as brand-name Cialis, providing a cost-effective solution for treating erectile dysfunction while ensuring the same high quality and efficacy.

This extensive variety allows customers to tailor their treatment plans more effectively. If one medication does not provide the desired results, there are always other alternatives to try. This flexibility and comprehensive selection empower customers to better manage their health conditions, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

Unbeatable Competitive Pricing

Cialis from Secure TabsA Health Tracking Poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that eight out of ten adults believe the cost of prescribed medications in the U.S. is unreasonable4. Secure Tabs features some of the lowest medication prices in the market. Unlike other online pharmacies and almost every local pharmacy, The pharmacy is dedicated to making healthcare accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background. Here’s a look at some of the best-selling generic medications and their cost savings compared to brand-name counterparts:

For erectile dysfunction treatments, the online drugstore offers remarkable savings. Generic Viagra (sildenafil) is available for as low as $0.27 per tablet, compared to $65 to $140 per tablet for brand-name Viagra. Similarly, generic Cialis costs just $0.27 per pill, whereas brand-name Cialis ranges from $15 to $83 per pill. Additionally, generic Levitra is priced at $0.68 per tablet, in contrast to $37.99 for brand-name Levitra.

Other essential medications also come at significantly reduced prices. Dapoxetine for premature ejaculation5 costs $0.95 per tablet, while branded Priligy is priced at $10.95. For antibiotics, generic Zithromax is available at $0.55 per pill, compared to $2.13 for the branded version. Secure Tabs also offers generic Nolvadex for $0.52 per tablet, while brand-name Nolvadex costs $12.00 per tablet. Generic Cytotec is priced at $1.70 per pill, compared to $2.20 for branded Cytotec.

The druigstore ensures that whether you need treatments for erectile dysfunction, antibiotics, or specialized medications, you can access high-quality, affordable options. This extensive variety allows you to manage your health effectively while enjoying significant savings.

Guaranteed Authentic and Safe Pharmaceuticals

Today, navigating the online pharmacy world can be tricky, with scammers and rogue drugstores often preying on unsuspecting customers. Secure Tabs stands out by prioritizing the authenticity and safety of every medication they offer. They source all their medications from reputable suppliers who follow strict procedures6 and utilize modern technology to ensure product quality. This means customers receive medications with the correct amount of active ingredients, guaranteeing their genuineness and effectiveness.

The online pharmacy’s commitment to quality is reflected in their partnerships. They only work with suppliers who have all necessary approval documentation, in full compliance with regulations like the Drug Quality and Security Act. This dedication to safety and authenticity provides customers with the assurance that every product they purchase is safe and effective.

Key aspects of Secure Tabs’ quality assurance include:

  • Verified Suppliers: Partnering only with trusted, reputable suppliers.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: Using advanced technology in medication production.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all products meet stringent regulatory standards.
  • Accurate Ingredients: Guaranteeing the precise amount of active ingredients in every medication.
  • Thorough Quality Checks: Implementing rigorous quality assurance processes.

With these measures in place, the drug store ensures that customers can confidently purchase medications, knowing they are receiving safe, high-quality products every time.

Effortless and Convenient Shopping Experience

secure tabs secure websiteShopping for medications has never been easier with Secure Tabs. From the comfort of your home, you can browse their extensive range of products without the need to visit a physical pharmacy. The website is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, so finding what you need is a breeze. Just a few clicks and you can have your order placed, saving you time and effort.

What makes this drugstore even more convenient is their 24/7 availability. Whether it’s early in the morning or late at night, you can shop whenever it fits your schedule. This is especially handy for those with busy lifestyles or unexpected health needs. Plus, the site works great on both computers and smartphones, so you can order from anywhere, anytime.

After placing your order, the pharmacy takes care of the rest. Your medications are shipped right to your door, with discreet packaging to ensure your privacy. You can choose between standard and faster shipping options, and you’ll receive tracking updates along the way. They truly make managing your health as simple and stress-free as possible.

Secure Transactions and Confidential Service

Ensuring the safety and confidentiality of your transactions is a top priority for Secure Tabs. The website employs McAfee security to protect against potential threats, providing a safe browsing experience. Additionally, all transactions are conducted over HTTPS, ensuring that your data is encrypted and secure throughout the process.

Their website’s secure payment gateway handles your financial information with the utmost care. The checkout process is designed to be straightforward and safe, giving you peace of mind while making your purchase. Various payment methods are accepted, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Confidentiality is a key focus, with personal information kept private and never shared with third parties. From the moment an order is placed to the delivery at your door, the pharmacy ensures complete anonymity. Discreet packaging guarantees that your medical purchases remain confidential, providing you with a worry-free shopping experience.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

Secure Tabs boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and find the medications you need. Drug categories are conveniently listed on the homepage, allowing you to quickly scroll through the page and locate what you’re looking for. Categories such as Pain Relief, Men’s Health, and Antibiotics are just a click away, streamlining your search process.

Purchasing from this online pharmacy is straightforward. When you find a medication you need, simply click “ADD TO CART” or “BUY NOW” to add the item to your shopping cart. You can continue browsing and adding items or proceed directly to checkout. The cart icon at the top of the page gives you easy access to review your selections at any time.

Once you’re ready to finalize your purchase, head to the “CHECKOUT” page. Here, you can review your order, enter your shipping information, and choose your payment method. With just a few clicks, your order is complete, and you can expect a seamless and efficient shopping experience from start to finish.

Shipping Options

Secure Tabs is committed to providing a seamless and reliable shipping experience, understanding the importance of timely delivery for your medications. With a focus on speed and discretion, the drugstore offers two primary shipping options to cater to your needs.

The dependable Regular AirMail Shipping option typically takes 2 to 3 business weeks for delivery and costs $9.95. This service ensures that your medications arrive within a reasonable timeframe. While tracking is not available with this option, the drugstore guarantees careful handling and safe delivery of your package. For larger orders over $200, Free AirMail Shipping is provided, offering excellent value. Your medications will be discreetly packaged, maintaining your privacy and peace of mind.

For those requiring faster delivery, Secure Tabs offers EMS Shipping, priced at $29.95. This expedited service delivers your order within 3 to 8 business days and includes a tracking ID, allowing you to monitor your shipment in real-time. Orders over $300 qualify for Free EMS Shipping, making it a cost-effective choice for substantial purchases. Both shipping options ensure that products are dispatched within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order. Please be aware that customs procedures may occasionally cause delays, but the pharmacy is dedicated to ensuring your medications arrive promptly and discreetly.

Shipping Option Delivery Time Cost Free Shipping Threshold Tracking
Regular AirMail 2 to 3 business weeks $9.95 Orders over $200 No
EMS Shipping 3 to 8 business days $29.95 Orders over $300 Yes

If your order has not arrived within 30 days, it’s advisable to check with your local post office first, as packages may sometimes be held there. If the post office doesn’t have your package, their customer support team is ready to assist you in resolving any issues and ensuring you receive your medications as soon as possible.

Terms of Service

Payment Methods

payment optionsSecure Tabs provides a wide range of payment options to ensure a seamless and secure transaction process for its customers. On the Checkout page, customers can select from several payment methods, including major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club International, and American Express. Additionally, the pharmacy accepts ACH payments, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and E-checks, offering flexibility to accommodate diverse customer preferences.

All transactions are processed through a highly secure payment portal, designed to protect sensitive information from hackers and unauthorized access. For example, if a customer chooses to pay with Bitcoin, they can follow a straightforward process where the payment address is provided, and the transaction is confirmed within minutes. Once the payment is successfully completed, the drugstore promptly receives a confirmation, ensuring that your order is processed without delay.

Importantly, Secure Tabs does not collect or store your credit card information, ensuring that the payment process remains 100% safe. The secure payment system is equipped with advanced security measures to protect your financial details, giving you peace of mind when purchasing medications. By offering multiple payment options and utilizing cutting-edge security protocols, the pharmacy makes it easy and safe for customers to complete their purchases.

Data Protection Policy

Secure Tabs has prioritized customer privacy and security since its establishment in 2007. Understanding the need for confidentiality, they ensure all shipments arrive in discreet packaging, without any indication of the contents. This approach guarantees that your medication needs remain private from the moment you order to the delivery at your doorstep.

To protect your personal data7, the online drugstore employs advanced SSL encryption on their website. This state-of-the-art technology safeguards your details, such as your home address and phone number, from potential threats. You can shop with peace of mind, knowing that your data is secure and shielded from unauthorized access.

Personal information collected by the company is strictly used for processing orders and providing delivery updates. They do not sell your data or use it for unsolicited advertisements. For example, when you order a medication, your information is used solely to fulfill and deliver your order and to keep you informed about its status.

In addition to personal data, Secure Tabs gathers non-personally identifiable information like your IP address to improve the website and enhance your shopping experience. This data helps them analyze trends, manage the site, and collect broad demographic information. By leveraging this information, the drugstore continuously optimizes their services to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Product Returns and Refunds

Secure Tabs puts customer satisfaction first and works hard to make sure you get the right products. Due to safety regulations8, they can’t accept returns on pharmaceutical products. So, it’s really important to check your order as soon as it arrives to make sure everything is correct.

If you do get the wrong product, don’t worry. Just contact their customer support team right away. They’re great at handling issues quickly and will look into your complaint. If it’s valid, they’ll either refund your money or send a replacement, ensuring you get what you ordered.

The pharmacy also has a 30-day money-back guarantee for extra peace of mind. If there’s any issue with your order, they’ll address it promptly. Whether you need a refund or a replacement, their customer support team will work to fix the problem. With this drugstore, you can trust that your satisfaction is their top priority.

Order Cancellation

Order CancellationSecure Tabs understands that occasionally customers may order the wrong medication or find they no longer need a drug because they have found an alternative solution. To avoid unnecessary expenses, the drugstore provides an order cancellation option.

For orders that have not yet been processed, cancellation is quick and straightforward. Customers simply need to contact the customer support team. If the order has not been processed, it will be canceled immediately. Should the order already be in the processing stage, the customer will be informed of its status. Even if the order cannot be canceled, it may still be eligible for a refund under certain conditions.

They are committed to providing a smooth and hassle-free experience for all customers. Any concerns or questions regarding order cancellations and refunds can be addressed by the dedicated customer support team, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Licenses and Credentials

Secure Tabs is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality, backed by numerous licenses and credentials. Since its inception in 2007, the company has consistently met rigorous regulatory requirements and earned recognition from several prestigious organizations. Their dedication to compliance and quality assurance ensures that customers receive only the best and safest medications.

Over the years, the pharmacy has achieved significant milestones in the pharmaceutical industry. With over a decade of experience, they have developed a robust system for quality control9 and customer satisfaction. For instance, Secure Tabs is a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), known for its stringent standards in the online pharmacy industry. Additionally, they comply with regulations set by the FDA, ensuring that all medications meet the necessary safety and efficacy standards.

To provide further transparency and build trust, the drugstore undergoes regular inspections and audits by various authoritative bodies. These inspections confirm that the pharmacy adheres to industry best practices and maintains high operational standards. Below is a table highlighting some of the key organizations that have recognized Secure Tabs and their corresponding trust ratings or approval statuses.

Organization Status
Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) Member
Manitoba International Pharmacists Association (MIPA) Approved
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliant Verified
Better Business Bureau (BBB) A+ Trust Rating

The drugstore’s commitment to maintaining these licenses and credentials demonstrates their dedication to providing safe, high-quality medications. Customers can trust that they are dealing with a reputable and reliable pharmacy that prioritizes their health and well-being.

Exclusive Deals and Savings

secure tabs mobile website version

Coupon codes: HEALTH5, SAVE10, WELCOME15

As of the latest update, customers can benefit from a wide array of exclusive deals and savings, making their healthcare purchases more affordable than ever. To provide the best value, the drugstore offers a range of promo codes and special offers designed to help you save on your orders.

Current Secure Tabs discount codes include:

  • HEALTH5: Get 5% off your total order.
  • SAVE10: Enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase.
  • WELCOME15: New customers can save 15% on their first order.

In addition to these promo codes, the drugstore offers free standard airmail shipping on orders over $200 and free tracked courier shipping on orders over $300. This ensures that you not only save on your medications but also on delivery costs.

For those looking to buy in bulk, Secure Tabs provides significant discounts on larger purchases, making it even more cost-effective to stock up on your essential medications. Plus, as a special bonus, they offer free samples of ED pills with select orders, allowing you to try new treatments at no additional cost.

This online pharmacy is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality medications, and these exclusive deals and savings are just one way they help you get the best value for your money. Take advantage of these offers today and enjoy the benefits of significant savings on your healthcare needs.

Secure Tabs Reviews

Secure Tabs has garnered positive feedback from countless customers over the years, earning high ratings and commendations from reputable organizations like Trustpilot, PharmacyChecker, and the Better Business Bureau. With an overall rating of 4.8 stars on Trustpilot and a verified score of 96% on PharmacyChecker, the pharmacy consistently demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service. Additionally, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Secure Tabs an A+ rating, further showcasing their dedication to excellence.

secure tabs reviews online

Since its inception in 2007, Secure Tabs has served millions of customers worldwide. In the past five years alone, they have processed over 500,000 orders, maintaining a high customer satisfaction rate. While a few complaints have arisen over the years, the pharmacy has addressed and resolved them promptly, demonstrating their dedication to excellent customer service.

Customers particularly appreciate the user-friendly interface, fast shipping, and affordable prices. For instance, Julia wrote that “the ordering process was incredibly simple, and my medications arrived faster than expected.” Georgia appreciated the “discreet packaging and the significant savings on my prescriptions.” Additionally, Mark mentioned that “the customer support team was very helpful and resolved my issue quickly.”

The pharmacy’ combination of high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and affordable pricing has earned them a loyal customer base and stellar reviews from satisfied users. These testimonials reflect the pharmacy’s ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secure Tabs?

Secure Tabs is a reputable online pharmacy that offers a wide range of medications, including both brand-name and generic drugs. Established in 2007, the drugstore is committed to providing high-quality, affordable medications with excellent customer service.

secure tabs website online

Coupon codes: HEALTH5, SAVE10, WELCOME15

Is it true that Secure Tabs was shut down?

No, Secure Tabs has not been shut down. They continue to operate and provide high-quality medications to their customers worldwide. Any rumors of shutdowns are unfounded.

Is Secure Tabs legit?

Yes, it is a legitimate and trustworthy online pharmacy. It is verified by organizations such as Trustpilot, PharmacyChecker, and the Better Business Bureau, earning high ratings and commendations for its reliable service and customer satisfaction.

Are the medications sold FDA-approved?

Secure Tabs offers generic medications that are FDA-approved10, ensuring they meet stringent safety and efficacy standards. This includes both brand-name and generic drugs, which are sourced from reputable manufacturers.

What are generic drugs, and are they safe?

Generic drugs are medications that have the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs but are typically sold at lower prices. They are FDA-approved and considered safe and effective, providing the same therapeutic benefits as their branded counterparts.

How can I contact Secure Tabs customer support?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact the pharmacy’s customer support through their “Contact Us” page on the website. Their team is available to help with order inquiries, product information, and any other concerns.

Do I need a prescription to buy Viagra (Sildenafil)?

A prescription is not always required to purchase Viagra (Sildenafil) online, but it is highly recommended. Consult a healthcare provider to ensure you have erectile dysfunction and purchase the appropriate medication. This will help avoid potential interactions with other drugs you may be taking.

What should I do if I receive the wrong medication?

If you receive the wrong medication, immediately contact Secure Tabs customer support. They will investigate the issue and, if valid, offer a refund or replacement to ensure you get the correct product.

Does Secure Tabs offer discount codes?

Yes, the online pharmacy frequently offers discount codes to help customers save on their purchases. Current promo codes include HEALTH5 for 5% off, SAVE10 for 10% off, and WELCOME15 for 15% off your first order.

What shipping options does Secure Tabs offer?

They drugstore offers several shipping options, including free standard airmail shipping on orders over $200 and free tracked courier shipping on orders over $300. They ensure that all packages are shipped discreetly and arrive in a timely manner.

Can I trust the security of my personal information?

Yes, the pharmacy employs advanced SSL encryption technology to protect your personal information. Your data is securely processed, ensuring it is safe from unauthorized access. They do not store or sell your personal information, maintaining your privacy at all times.

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