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By Daniel B. Johnson, Brenda Kohn, MD, Amit Lahoti, MD
Medically Reviewed by John R. Edwards, MD
Last Update: June 24, 2024

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Summary: Trust Pharmacy is a dependable online drugstore with a strong track record, competitive prices and positive customer reviews. We confidently recommend this drugstore as a reliable and user-friendly choice for all your online pharmacy needs.

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trust pharmacy websiteAt some point, everyone faces a health challenge—whether it’s a minor issue like difficulty sleeping or a more serious condition like heart disease. Unfortunately, most pharmaceutical companies see these moments of need as opportunities to hike up their prices, making essential medications incredibly expensive.

For those with financial constraints, who make up a significant portion of society, these high costs can be overwhelming. Balancing the expense of medication with rent, food, and education can feel like a constant struggle.

Trust Pharmacy steps in to ease this burden by making essential medications accessible to everyone, not just the affluent. By offering high-quality generic medications1, they ensure that customers pay just a fraction of the price of brand-name drugs. Comparing their prices to those at local pharmacies reveals savings of up to 80%. Their goal is to provide a seamless, affordable healthcare experience, ensuring that customers receive top-notch generics that are as effective as their branded counterparts. Whether dealing with a simple health issue or a more serious condition, this drugstore is a reliable partner in securing affordable, effective treatment.

Trust Pharmacy Overview

Established in 2001, Trust Pharmacy has been a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry for over two decades. The company’s long-standing success is built on a foundation of exceptional service, quality products, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the years, they have proudly served millions of customers worldwide, ensuring they have access to affordable and effective medications. Key factors contributing to our longevity and success include:

Product Range and Quality

Trust Pharmacy takes pride in the extensive medication selection, offering more than 25 categories to cater to a wide range of health needs. The drugstore’s diverse inventory ensures that customers can find the specific medications they require, all in one convenient place. Here’s a glimpse of the categories they provide:

  • Herbal Supplements
  • Men’s Health Medications
  • Women’s Health Treatments
  • Blood Pressure Medications
  • Heart Disease Pills
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Pain Relief Medications
  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
  • Depression Medications
  • Weight Loss Drugs
  • Smoking Cessation Aids
  • Women’s Health Medications
  • Antiviral Treatments
  • Allergy Relief Medications
  • Anxiety Medications
  • Arthritis Treatments
  • Antibiotics
  • Birth Control Options
  • Antifungal Medications
  • Diabetes Medications
  • Gastrointestinal Treatments

The good thing about this drugstore is that the drugstore carries multiple medications for the same health problem. For example, if you are looking for pain relief medications, you can order Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, Naproxen, or Celecoxib. For those seeking cholesterol-lowering drugs, Trust Pharmacy offers options like Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin, Simvastatin, and Lovastatin. If you are suffering from weak erections2, you can reignite your energy in the bedroom with Viagra, which carries sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient, Cialis with tadalafil, or Levitra with vardenafil to treat erectile dysfunction. This variety places you in a better position to manage your health problems. If one medication fails to work for you, you can always invest in a different medication to improve your condition.

Sildenafil pills from Trust Pharmacy

Focus on Generic Drugs

When we mention “generic meds,” it might be confusing for people who are used to getting their drugs from the local pharmacy. Giving you an example might help clear things up:

Viagra has revolutionized treatment for those struggling with erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient – that is, the healing component – in Viagra is known as sildenafil. Pfizer developed sildenafil and was able to acquire patent protection for the component, ensuring the safety of sildenafil citrate (Viagra)3.

When sildenafil patent protection expired, other pharmaceutical companies gained the ability to develop medications carrying sildenafil as the active component. Drugs containing sildenafil but aren’t manufactured by Pfizer are “generic versions” of Viagra – examples sold at Trust Pharmacy include Cenforce, Silagra, Kamagra, Nizagara, Zenegra, Suhagra, and others. The fact that generic medications carry the same active ingredient as brand-name medications means that they are just as effective.

Competitive Pricing

The online pharmacy features the lowest medication prices. Unlike other online drugstores and almost every local pharmacy, the pharmacy’s main goal is to make health accessible to everyone, irrespective of financial background. Below, we have outlined some of the drugstore’s current medication prices:

For erectile dysfunction treatments, Trust Pharmacy offers significant savings. Generic Viagra costs as low as $0.27 per pill, while brand Viagra is available at $1.77 per pill. In contrast, local pharmacies in the US typically sell brand Viagra for $61.54 per pill, meaning you can save 99% by choosing this drugstore. Similarly, generic Cialis is priced at $0.68 per pill at this online source, compared to $72.87 per pill for brand-name Cialis at US local pharmacies, offering you savings of over 99%. Additionally, generic Levitra is available for $1 per pill, compared to $64.25 per pill at local US pharmacies, providing a 98% savings.

Viagra and Cialis from Trust Pharmacy

For other essential medications, Trust Pharmacy continues to deliver great value. Generic Clomid is available for $0.44 per pill. Propecia, a popular treatment for hair loss, is offered at $0.51 per pill, with studies showing the efficacy of Finasteride for treating patients with hair loss4. Antibiotics like Doxycycline are priced at $0.30 per pill, and generic Amoxil can be purchased for $0.39 per pill. For a more specialized option, Viagra Professional is available at $0.57 per pill.

The company ensures that whether you need erectile dysfunction treatments or other medications, you can access high-quality, affordable options. This variety places you in a better position to manage your health problems, offering significant savings without compromising on quality.

Authentic and Safe Medications

It’s easy to fall prey to scammers and rogue drugstores that lure you into their trap, only to send fake medications or nothing at all. Trust Pharmacy stands out by ensuring all medications come from reputable medication suppliers who follow the right procedures and use modern technology to produce their products. This means customers receive medications with the right amount of active ingredient, ensuring they are genuine and have no negative effects.

The pharmacy guarantees medication quality by working only with suppliers who have all the necessary approval documentation, in compliance with the Drug Quality and Security Act5. This commitment to authenticity and safety provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that every product they purchase is safe and effective. The rigorous standards and checks in place ensure that every medication sold is up to the mark. Here are some key aspects of Trust Pharmacy’s commitment to authenticity and safety:

  • Reputable Medication Suppliers: Only partnering with trusted and verified suppliers.
  • Modern Technology: Utilizing advanced technology in medication production.
  • Proper Procedures: Ensuring all manufacturing processes adhere to high standards.
  • Approval Documentation: Verifying that all products have necessary approvals and certifications.
  • Active Ingredient Accuracy: Medications contain the correct amount of active ingredients for efficacy.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous checks to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of medications.

Customers can trust that they are getting authentic and safe medications every time.

Convenient Shopping Experience

Trust Pharmacy offers a seamless and convenient online shopping experience that makes managing health easier than ever. From the comfort of home, customers can browse a wide selection of medications, place an order, and have it delivered right to their door. This eliminates the need for waiting for hours at a pharmacy or making unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office just to get a prescription. The company removes the hassle of paying consultation fees and enduring long wait times, allowing customers to focus on what truly matters – their health and well-being.

With this online pharmacy, there is no need to get a prescription for most medications, making the process even more straightforward. Customers can easily access high-quality medications without the usual inconveniences while seated at home. The user-friendly website ensures a smooth shopping experience, from selecting medications to completing purchases. The drugstore is dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, and efficient service, making it the go-to choice for all pharmaceutical needs.

Secure and Confidential Service

The pharmacy understands the importance of privacy and goes the extra mile to ensure personal information and medical needs are handled with the utmost discretion. Customers can order their medications anonymously from the comfort of their homes, without having to deal with judgmental and disapproving looks from their local pharmacy. Trust Pharmacy guarantees that no one will have to know about their medication needs except them.

The secure and confidential service provided by this company is designed to give customers peace of mind. From the moment an order is placed to the time it arrives at the doorstep, complete anonymity is guaranteed. Discreet packaging ensures that deliveries are private, with no indication of the contents inside. Their website uses advanced encryption technologies to protect data, ensuring personal information is never compromised. Customers can confidently manage their health without worrying about their privacy being invaded.

Customer-Friendly Interface

trust pharmacy convenient website

Coupon codes: HEALTH15, SAVE20, WELCOME10

Navigating complicated websites can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to purchase essential medications. Trust Pharmacy makes the process extra simple with its customer-friendly interface. Medication categories are conveniently listed on the left-hand column, making it easy to find exactly what you need. By selecting the right category, you can skip scanning through pages and directly access the medications you’re looking for.

For instance, if you have pneumonia6 are looking for a brand-name drug like Amoxil, you can easily find its generic variants such as Trimox. If you prefer, you can simply type your medication in the search bar, which will quickly display all the generic variations available. Once you find your medication, just click the “BUY NOW” button. From there, you can select the package size and dosage, and hit the “ADD TO CART” button. When you’re ready to complete your purchase, head over to the “CHECKOUT” page where you’ll find a secure billing section to finalize your order.

The drugstore ensures a smooth and secure shopping experience from start to finish. The intuitive design and straightforward navigation make it easy for customers to find and purchase their medications without any hassle. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a returning customer, the website’s layout and functionality are designed to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that managing your health is as stress-free as possible.

Shipping and Delivery

Trust Pharmacy is dedicated to providing a seamless shipping and delivery experience. They understand the importance of timely and reliable medication delivery, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and shipped discreetly. Currently, they offer two shipping options:

Regular AirMail Shipping

The pharmacy offers a reliable Regular AirMail Shipping option for your convenience. This service typically takes 2 to 3 business weeks for delivery, ensuring that your medications reach you in a reasonable time frame. The cost for Regular AirMail Shipping is $9.95.

While this shipping option does not include the ability to track your order, Trust Pharmacy guarantees that your package will be handled with care and delivered safely. Additionally, the drugstore provides Free AirMail shipping for orders over $200, making it an excellent value for larger purchases. Rest assured, your medications will arrive discreetly packaged, maintaining your privacy and peace of mind.

EMS Shipping

Trust Pharmacy offers EMS Shipping for those who need their medications quickly and reliably. Priced at $29.95, EMS is the fastest shipping method available, delivering your order within 3 to 8 business days. This option includes the ability to track your order with a shipping track ID, providing real-time updates on the status of your delivery.

For orders over $300, the drugstore provides Free EMS Shipping, making it a cost-effective choice for larger purchases. Both EMS and AirMail shipping options ensure that products are shipped within 24 to 48 hours of order placement. Please note that while EMS Shipping is swift, customs procedures may cause occasional delays. The company is committed to ensuring that your medications arrive safely, promptly, and discreetly, providing you with peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

If you have been waiting for your medications for 30 days and still haven’t received them, it is a good idea to contact the Trust Pharmacy customer support department for assistance. However, before reaching out to the online pharmacy, it is recommended to check with your local post office. Sometimes, packages may have arrived at the post office but have not yet been delivered to your doorstep. By checking with your local post office first, you might be able to locate your package more quickly and avoid any unnecessary delays. If the post office doesn’t have your package, the pharmacy’s customer support team is ready to help resolve any issues and ensure you receive your medications as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions

Navigating the terms and conditions of some online pharmacies can often be confusing and unclear. Trust Pharmacy, however, is very clear about how it operates, handles information, and processes payments. Their terms and conditions are straightforward, ensuring transparency and understanding for all customers. The privacy policy details how your information is protected and managed, providing peace of mind regarding data security. Any updates to the terms are communicated immediately, giving you the opportunity to review and decide whether to agree or disagree with the new terms. For detailed information, please see the terms and conditions outlined below.

Privacy Policy

trust pharmacy safe websiteSince 2001, Trust Pharmacy has been committed to protecting customer privacy with the highest standards of security. Understanding the importance of confidentiality, the company ensures that all shipments are wrapped in discreet packaging, without including the names of the products ordered. This anonymous shipping method guarantees that your medication needs remain private, from order to delivery.

Their website uses advanced SSL encryption to safeguard your personal information, including your home address and phone number. This up-to-date privacy protection technology ensures that no one can steal or misuse your data. You can shop with confidence, knowing that your personal details are secure and protected against any unauthorized access.

While the company does collect some of your personal information to process orders and keep you updated about the delivery process, it neither sells your data nor uses it for unsolicited advertisements. Your information is used solely for order fulfillment and customer service purposes, ensuring that your privacy is respected at all times.

Additionally, the online pharmacy collects non-personally identifiable data, such as your IP address, to help improve the website and enhance your shopping experience. This information is used to analyze trends, administer the site, and gather broad demographic information. They only use this information to optimize its services and ensure that your experience is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Payment Options

Trust Pharmacy offers a variety of payment options to ensure a seamless and secure transaction process. On the Checkout page, customers can choose from several methods, including major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club International, and American Express. Additionally, the drug store accepts ACH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and E-checks, providing flexibility to meet diverse customer needs. All transactions are processed through a secure payment portal designed to keep hackers from accessing your sensitive information. Once the payment is completed successfully, the pharmacy receives a confirmation, ensuring your order is promptly processed.

Rest assured, the company does not collect your credit card information, making the payment process 100% safe. The secure payment system ensures that your financial details are protected, giving you peace of mind when shopping for your medications. By offering multiple payment options and utilizing advanced security measures, the drugstore makes it easy and safe for you to complete your purchase.

Product Return and Refund

product return policyThe online pharmacy understands the importance of customer satisfaction and strives to ensure you receive the correct products. Due to the nature of pharmaceutical products and safety regulations7, they do not accept product returns from customers. Therefore, it is essential to carefully check the products you receive immediately upon delivery to ensure they match your order.

If you do receive the wrong product, there’s no need to worry. Simply contact the Trust Pharmacy customer support team as soon as possible. They are dedicated to resolving any issues and will promptly investigate your complaint to determine its legitimacy. If your complaint is found to be legitimate, the drugstore offers either a refund or a replacement, ensuring you get what you ordered. This process is part of their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service.

They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you additional peace of mind. This guarantee ensures that any issues with your order are addressed promptly and to your satisfaction. You can trust that your complaint will be handled as soon as possible, and the customer support team will work diligently to rectify the situation. With this online pharmacy, you can be confident that your needs and concerns are a top priority, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Order Cancellation

Orders with Trust Pharmacy can be canceled quickly and easily if you need to make changes or no longer require the medication. To cancel an order, simply contact the customer support team as soon as possible. They are available to assist with your request and ensure the cancellation process is smooth and efficient. Once contacted, your order cancellation will be processed immediately to prevent any further processing or shipping.

It is important to note that orders that have already been processed or shipped may not be eligible for cancellation. If your order has reached this stage, the customer support team will inform you of the current status and provide guidance on the next steps. Despite this, efforts will be made to accommodate your request and minimize any inconvenience.

For orders successfully canceled before processing or shipping, you will be eligible for a refund. The customer support team will confirm the cancellation and initiate the refund process promptly. This ensures that you are not charged for products you do not need. With a straightforward cancellation policy, you can feel confident in your ability to manage your orders and make necessary adjustments without hassle.

Licenses and Certifications

Trust Pharmacy is committed to maintaining the highest standards of regulatory compliance and quality assurance. This dedication is reflected in their various licenses and certifications, which demonstrate their adherence to stringent regulatory requirements and industry best practices. Operating in full compliance with international and national regulations, the pharmacy ensures that all products meet rigorous safety and quality standards. The pharmacy holds an international license number 11210497, issued on 17 August 2023, affirming its adherence to global pharmaceutical guidelines.

fda approved medications

Fully licensed to operate, the drugstore provides customers with confidence in the legitimacy and reliability of their services. This includes certification from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) since 2002, showcasing a long-standing commitment to excellence in pharmaceutical care. Additionally, the company is accredited by several reputable organizations, including the FDA and MIPA. These accreditations are a testament to their adherence to high-quality standards and regulatory compliance8.

Key certifications and licenses include:

  • International License Number 11210497: Issued on 17 August 2023
  • Certification from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association: Member since 2002
  • FDA Accreditation: Compliance with FDA standards and regulations
  • MIPA Accreditation: Meeting the standards of the Medical Industry Professional Association

By maintaining these licenses and certifications, they ensure that every product sold is safe, effective, and compliant with the highest industry standards. Customers can trust that their health and safety are always the top priority.

Special Offers and Discounts

Trust Pharmacy is dedicated to providing exceptional value to its customers through various special offers and discounts. Whether new or returning, customers can find numerous ways to save on their medication purchases.

Here are some of the exciting offers available:

  • Current Promotions: The online pharmacy frequently runs promotions that include free samples of popular medications such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra pills with orders. These promotions allow customers to try new products at no extra cost.
  • Free Shipping: You can take advantage of free standard airmail shipping on orders over $200 and free tracked courier shipping on orders over $300, ensuring customers get even more value with larger purchases.
  • Bulk Purchase Discounts: Significant savings are available for those who buy in bulk. The drugstore offers substantial discounts on bulk purchases, allowing customers to stock up on essential medications while reducing overall costs.
  • Coupon Codes: Exclusive Trust Pharmacy coupon codes are available to subscribers of the newsletter and followers on social media. These codes provide additional savings on a wide range of products.

Customers are encouraged to take advantage of these special offers and discounts to maximize savings and enjoy the convenience of the pharmacy’s exceptional service.

Customer Reviews

Trust Pharmacy is highly regarded by customers across various legitimate review platforms, consistently earning top ratings and positive feedback over the years. Since its establishment, the pharmacy has garnered an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, with 92% of reviewers rating their experience as excellent. On Shopper Approved, they boast a 4.7-star rating, and Birdeye shows a 4.9-star average. Additional platforms like Zolgoo, Sitejabber and Reputation Desk all reflect similarly high levels of customer satisfaction.

trust pharmacy reviews

Statistics from the past decade indicate that over 95% of customers are satisfied with their purchases. For instance, the drugstore has successfully delivered over 1 million orders of generic Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, with a 98% satisfaction rate. For example, Mike T. from Texas appreciated the prompt delivery and effectiveness of his generic Cialis order in 2024, noting how Trust Pharmacy made managing his condition affordable. Gretha M. from Utah wrote that she found the customer support incredibly helpful when ordering antibiotics, praising the seamless process and fast shipping.

Customers frequently highlight key aspects they love about this drugstore, including competitive pricing, a wide selection of medications, and exceptional customer service. The pharmacy’s commitment to quality and reliability is evident in the feedback, with many reviewers appreciating the convenience of online shopping and discreet packaging. Jane mentioned how the affordable prices for her cholesterol-lowering medication, Atorvastatin, helped her manage her health on a tight budget. Emily noted affordability and effectiveness of birth control pills9, which made managing her reproductive health stress-free. David praised the variety of pain relief options available, specifically noting the efficacy of his Ibuprofen purchase.

While the majority of reviews are overwhelmingly positive, a few minor complaints have been noted and promptly addressed, demonstrating the pharmacy’s commitment to customer satisfaction. For instance, Emily experienced a slight delay in shipping, but the customer support team quickly resolved the issue by providing regular updates and ensuring her medication arrived soon after. John reported receiving an incorrect order, but the pharmacy swiftly corrected the mistake by sending the right medication along with a small compensation for the inconvenience. Their responsiveness to customer concerns is also reflected in their positive Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, further highlighting their dedication to high-quality service.


What is Trust Pharmacy?

Trust Pharmacy is an online pharmacy that offers a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Known for its competitive pricing and high-quality products, the drugstore provides a convenient platform for purchasing medications and health products from the comfort of your home. Thhey emphasize customer satisfaction, privacy, and secure transactions. The company is licensed and adheres to strict regulatory standards to ensure the safety and authenticity of its products.

trust pharmacy mobile website

Coupon codes: HEALTH15, SAVE20, WELCOME10

Does Trust Pharmacy offer generic medications?

Yes, Trust Pharmacy offers a wide range of generic medications. These generic drugs contain the same active ingredients and provide the same therapeutic effects as their brand-name counterparts but at a more affordable price. They ensure that all generic medications meet strict quality and safety standards. Choosing generics is a cost-effective way to manage your health without compromising on quality.

How do I place an order online?

Placing an order with Trust Pharmacy is simple and straightforward. Start by browsing the extensive selection of medications and health products on the website. Add your chosen items to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. During checkout, you will need to provide your shipping and payment information. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive an email confirmation with details of your purchase and estimated delivery time.

How can I contact their customer service?

Trust Pharmacy provides multiple ways to contact their customer service for any inquiries or assistance. You can reach them via phone, email, or live chat through the website. Customer service representatives are available during business hours to help with order issues, product information, or any other questions you may have. Detailed contact information can be found on the Contact Us page of the pharmacy’s website.

Does Trust Pharmacy provide international shipping?

Yes, the drugstore offers international shipping to many countries around the world. Shipping rates and delivery times vary based on the destination and the selected shipping method. Customers can choose between standard international shipping and expedited options for faster delivery. It’s important to check any import regulations or restrictions in your country before placing an order. For more detailed information, refer to the international shipping section on the Trust Pharmacy website.

Do I need a prescription to order from Trust Pharmacy?

Trust Pharmacy does not require a prescription to order medications. However, the company strongly encourages customers to consult with a medical professional before taking any medication. This precaution helps ensure that patients use the correct dosages and avoid any potential health risks. Consulting with a healthcare provider ensures that you receive appropriate and safe treatment tailored to your specific needs. While ordering is straightforward, proper medical advice is essential for your health and safety.

How long will it take to receive my medications?

The delivery time for medications from Trust Pharmacy depends on the shipping method selected and the destination. Standard shipping typically takes between 5 to 10 business days, while expedited shipping options can deliver within 2 to 5 business days. International shipping times may vary, and it’s advisable to check the estimated delivery time at checkout. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number to monitor its progress.

Can I track my order?

Yes, once your order has been shipped, the drugstore will provide you with a tracking number. You can use this number to track your shipment on the carrier’s website. Tracking your order allows you to see its status and estimated delivery date. If you have any issues with tracking your order, you can contact Trust Pharmacy’s customer service for assistance.

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Daniel B. Johnson received a B.S. in Biology from Chicago University. He is currently pursuing his medical degree at Harvard Medical School. Daniel is in his fourth year of study, focusing on Pediatric Endocrinology. He has completed his clinical rotations with a specialty in managing pediatric endocrine disorders. Daniel has a special interest in diabetes management, growth disorders, and thyroid disease in children and adolescents. His dedication to improving pediatric healthcare through research and clinical practice makes him an invaluable part of our team.


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