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By Daniel B. Johnson, Brenda Kohn, MD, Amit Lahoti, MD
Medically Reviewed by John Hare
Last Update June 21, 2024

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Summary: Pharmacy Mall is an online pharmacy that operates for over several decades. The service is available 24/7 round the clock – always ready to help every client.

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pharmacy-mall-website-logoOnline pharmacies have transformed how people get medicines, making them more accessible and affordable. They offer convenience and competitive prices, which is especially important for people with low incomes. This shift began in the mid-1990s as the internet became more widely available. Pharmacy Mall was founded in 1997, stepping into this new era with a mission to provide a wide selection of medications at prices that are accessible to everyone. Over the years, they’ve become a trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to quality and customer service. The company’s approach has made it possible for people from all economic backgrounds to afford necessary medications. Today, Pharmacy Mall stands as the top choice in the pharmaceutical market.

The online drugstore’s popularity can largely be attributed to the extensive range of genuine generic medications. Generics are crucial for many people because they offer the same effectiveness as brand-name drugs1 but at a fraction of the cost. By focusing on providing high-quality generic options, they’ve made it possible for customers to manage their health without financial strain. The commitment to quality ensures that each generic medication this company offers is rigorously tested and approved, giving its customers peace of mind along with affordability.

This approach has resonated well with the customers, earning Pharmacy Mall a leading position in the market. The availability of reliable and affordable generics has not only helped individuals maintain their health regimes but has also built strong trust and loyalty among the clientele. As healthcare costs continue to rise, the importance of accessible generics cannot be overstated. Pharmacy Mall is proud to be at the forefront of this vital service, helping people access the treatments they need without compromising on quality or financial security.

About the Company – Pharmacy Mall


Pharmacy Mall has established itself as a cornerstone of the online pharmacy industry since its inception in 1997. As a pioneer in the field, they have dedicated themselves to providing an extensive range of pharmaceutical products to a global customer base. Its partnership with reliable drug manufacturers ensures that every product its stock is of the highest quality, backed by necessary quality control certificates.

The online pharmacy’s goal is to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere. The steadfast commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and affordability has made us the first choice for many looking for reliable online pharmacy services.

Rich stock – from ED to weight loss

Pharmacy Mall boasts an extensive range of medications to cover various health needs. In the allergy and asthma categories, popular picks like Claritin and Ventolin help manage symptoms effectively. Those needing anti-viral or antibiotic treatments will find reliable options such as Zithromax and Amoxicillin.

The heart health supporters can rely on medications like Lisinopril and Plavix, while diabetics benefit from essential drugs like Metformin. For those focusing on lifestyle health, this online store offers a variety of birth control options, including Yasmin and Plan B, and weight loss aids.

The most sought-after category is erectile dysfunction2, with top medications such as Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. These ED drugs are crucial for improving quality of life and are consistently popular among the customers.


Every category is thoughtfully stocked with the most effective and popular medications to ensure that the customers can find precisely what they need to keep healthier lives. Whether it’s managing a chronic illness or seeking treatment for a temporary condition, its range ensures quality and affordability across the board.

Genuine generic medications

Pharmacy Mall emphasizes that their generic medications are as effective and safe as branded counterparts, ensuring no difference in quality or efficacy. This provides customers with reliable and effective choices, reassuring them that generics are a viable option.

All generics undergo stringent testing and approval processes identical to those for branded drugs. They contain the same active ingredients and meet the FDA’s safety, strength, and quality standards. By promoting generics, this online drugstore helps dispel myths about their inferiority due to lower prices, educating customers on the significant cost savings without compromising on quality.

This approach builds trust, allowing customers to confidently choose generics knowing they deliver the same health benefits and therapeutic effects as their branded counterparts. This commitment to affordability and quality ensures that all customers have access to essential medications.

Cost effective meds – what to expect from prices?

Affordability is the key element of this online Pharmacy Mall. It provides medications that are both cost-effective and of high quality, with prices that vary depending on whether you opt for branded or generic versions.

Table: A detailed comparison between branded and generic medications on the example of branded vs generic Viagra:

Medication Type Price Per Pill Dosages Available Number of Pills Available
Viagra Branded $3.02 50mg, 100mg 96
Viagra Generic $0.36 25mg, 50mg, 75mg, 100mg, 120mg, 130mg, 150mg, 200mg 360

As the table shows, generic Viagra3 not only offers a substantially lower price per pill but also a wider range of dosage options and a larger number of pills per order compared to the branded version. This flexibility and affordability make generics an appealing choice for many.


Generics are equivalent to their branded counterparts in terms of effectiveness, dosage, and quality. They contain the same active ingredients and are manufactured under strict quality controls, ensuring they meet high standards. Opting for generics can lead to significant savings on healthcare costs without compromising the effectiveness of your treatment.

Convenience and user-friendly website

Pharmacy Mall understands the importance of convenience and accessibility when it comes to purchasing medications. This online platform allows you to shop for medications 24/7, all from the comfort of your own home. With reliable home delivery, you can receive your medications directly at your doorstep, making the process straightforward and eliminating the need to visit a pharmacy in person.

The website is designed to be user-friendly, with a well-organized layout that makes navigating our extensive stock simple. Bestsellers and popular categories are prominently featured, allowing you to quickly find recommended and effective medications. The intuitive design ensures that, whether you are searching for a specific medication or just browsing, you can enjoy an efficient shopping experience. The website is also multilingual. It has the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Deutsch
  3. Français
  4. Italiano
  5. Español
  6. Svenska
  7. Português
  8. Japanese
  9. Dansk
  10. Norsk
  11. Suomi
  12. Czech

This online service is deeply committed to your security and confidentiality. Advanced security protocols are in place to protect your personal and financial information, ensuring a safe online shopping experience. Every order is handled with the utmost discretion, maintaining your privacy at all times. You can trust that your health is in good hands with Pharmacy Mall, as it provides not only quality medications but also a secure and confidential service.

By choosing these services including mobile version of the website, you’re opting for a convenient, secure, and reliable way to manage your healthcare needs.

Security and authority

Pharmacy Mall prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of security and authority in the online pharmaceutical industry. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that their personal and financial information is protected by advanced security measures. The online pharmacy uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies to safeguard all transactions and interactions on the site.

To further establish its credibility, this company adheres strictly to legal and ethical standards in all operations. This commitment extends to the rigorous vetting of suppliers and the authentication of all pharmaceutical products. Only FDA-approved medications add to the stock, ensuring they meet the strictest quality standards.

Its authority in the pharmaceutical field is backed by years of trusted service. The online store has built a solid reputation for reliability and safety. It also has been recognized with accreditations from leading pharmacy verification organizations. These endorsements reinforce its status as a legitimate and secure option for purchasing medications online.

The pharmacy’s dedication to security is complemented by a transparent privacy policy that respects and protects customer data, emphasizing its commitment to confidentiality. With these robust security protocols and authoritative credentials, this online drugstore ensures a 100% safe shopping experience for all its customers.



We want to start this paragraph from the definition: what legitimacy means in the pharmaceutical business. Legitimacy in the pharmaceutical industry is crucial, as it assures customers that they are purchasing safe, effective, and legal medications. This concept involves adherence to regulatory standards, ethical business practices, and compliance with healthcare laws. For an online pharmacy, maintaining legitimacy means being recognized by health authorities and upholding stringent quality control measures. It instills trust among consumers, who rely on the integrity of the products and services provided. Ensuring legitimacy helps protect the health and well-being of customers while supporting the credibility of the pharmacy in a competitive market.

Is Pharmacy Mall legit?

Pharmacy Mall is indeed a legitimate online pharmacy, and several factors contribute to its status as a trusted and safe provider of pharmaceutical products. Firstly, Pharmacy Mall adheres to the stringent licensing requirements set forth by regulatory authorities, ensuring all legal standards for operating an online pharmacy are met.

Moreover, this company is transparent about its contact information, providing customers with easy access to their support services. This openness fosters trust and assures customers of their reliability and readiness to assist with any inquiries or issues.

The online pharmacy maintains robust privacy policies to secure customer data, protecting personal and financial information through advanced security measures. This not only complies with legal requirements but also reassures customers that their privacy is a priority.

Finally, this online service offers access to licensed pharmacists, allowing customers to receive professional consultations. This service ensures that all medications are used safely and effectively, further establishing the legitimacy and credibility of Pharmacy Mall as a top choice in the online pharmaceutical market.

Terms of the pharmacy’s use

Privacy Policy

Pharmacy Mall is committed to protecting customer privacy with strict confidentiality standards. Their privacy policy is meticulously designed to safeguard personal information and provide reassurance about data security.

Advanced encryption technology is utilized to secure all transactions and personal data against unauthorized access. The website upholds rigorous security protocols in line with industry standards, ensuring private and safe handling of information.

Discreet packaging is fundamental to their service, ensuring anonymity for every order. Whether customers are dealing with sensitive health conditions or routine needs, their privacy is always a priority.

Furthermore, this online pharmacy does not share, sell, or disclose customer information to third parties without explicit consent. This practice ensures that personal details are used exclusively for order processing and enhancing customer service.

Product Returns, Refunds, and Replacements

This service adheres to strict guidelines regarding product returns, refunds, and replacements, which are in line with pharmaceutical regulations. Understanding these policies is essential for a smooth customer experience with Pharmacy Mall.

Orders can be canceled by customers, but only if the cancellation occurs before the order has been shipped. Once shipping details are provided, the order can no longer be canceled, as it is already in the process of delivery.

Due to the specific nature of pharmaceutical products, regulations dictate that medications cannot be returned or exchanged once purchased. This is a standard practice across the industry to ensure safety and compliance with health standards. Pharmacy Mall customers are strongly encouraged to consult their doctor or a medical specialist before placing any orders, as all sales are considered final once processed.

In rare instances where issues such as incorrect or damaged items arise, this company is committed to resolving these matters. Customers may be eligible for refunds or replacements if they receive products that do not match their order or are in unsatisfactory condition. However, these situations are handled on a case-by-case basis, and the pharmacy ensures that any resolutions comply with pharmaceutical safety regulations.

It values customer satisfaction and strives to handle all inquiries about returns and refunds with utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that any possible issues are resolved in accordance with legal and health standards.

Can I cancel my order?

The ability to cancel an order at an online pharmacy typically depends on the specific stage of the order process. Most online pharmacies allow customers to cancel their orders but only if the cancellation occurs before the order has been shipped. Once the shipment process begins, and shipping details are provided to the customer, generally, the order cannot be canceled due to the fast-moving nature of the logistics involved in pharmacy operations.

This policy is in place to ensure efficiency and speed in delivering medications, which can be critical for health. However, customers are advised to review their orders carefully and make any necessary cancellations as promptly as possible to avoid complications.

For customers looking to cancel their orders, it is recommended to contact the pharmacy’s customer service immediately upon deciding to cancel. This prompt communication helps prevent the order from entering the shipping process, making cancellation easier.

How can I pay for my order?

When placing an order at an online pharmacy, customers look for payment methods that are not only convenient but also secure. Pharmacy Mall offers several payment options to cater to a broad range of preferences and needs. Currently, customers can pay for their orders using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

payment options

These payment methods are among the most widely used and preferred due to several reasons. First, they are universally accepted, making them accessible to a global customer base. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are known for their robust security measures, which protect customers against fraud and unauthorized transactions. This security is paramount in online transactions, especially when purchasing sensitive items like medications.

Furthermore, these credit card companies offer customer protection features, which include services like chargebacks and dispute resolution. These features provide an additional layer of security for customers, ensuring that they can seek recourse in the event of a problem with their order.

The choice of these payment methods reflects its commitment to providing a seamless and secure shopping experience. By allowing payments through these major credit cards, this company ensures that the payment process is efficient, secure, and user-friendly, accommodating the needs and preferences of customers worldwide.

Shipping Options – how we deliver?

Pharmacy Mall provides two convenient shipping options to meet the diverse needs of our customers: AirMail and EMS (Express Mail Service). Each method is designed to offer flexibility and efficiency, ensuring that your medications reach you in a timely and secure manner.

Both shipping options are equipped with tracking capabilities, giving customers peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their order’s journey from Pharmacy Mall to their doorstep. This level of transparency is part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

AirMail Shipping

AirMail shipping4 at Pharmacy Mall is designed to be a cost-effective and reliable delivery option for customers worldwide. This service typically has a waiting period of 2-3 business weeks, depending on the destination. This makes it an ideal choice for customers who are not in immediate need of their medications but value a more economical shipping method.shipping-airmail-ems

For added value, Pharmacy Mall offers free AirMail shipping on orders over $200. This allows customers to maximize their savings while still receiving their medications in a timely manner. It’s especially beneficial for those placing larger orders or managing ongoing medication needs.

EMS Courier Delivery

EMS (Express Mail Service)5 at Pharmacy Mall offers a faster and more secure shipping option for customers needing their medications promptly. This service ensures delivery within 3-8 business days, making it ideal for urgent medical requirements.

One of the key advantages of EMS Courier Delivery is the ability to track shipments. Customers can monitor the progress of their orders in real-time, providing added peace of mind and the convenience of knowing exactly when their medications will arrive. This tracking feature is particularly valuable for ensuring that critical healthcare items are received on time.

With its swift delivery times and tracking capabilities, EMS is tailored for customers who prioritize speed and reliability in their shipping choices. This service meets the needs of those who require their medications quickly, without the uncertainty that often comes with longer shipping periods.

Pharmacy Mall special offers and discounts

Pharmacy Mall is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible special offers, ensuring affordability and convenience in managing healthcare needs. Here’s a list of our current special offers:

▶️ Free AirMail Shipping: Orders over $200 qualify for free AirMail shipping, allowing you to save on delivery costs while receiving your medications reliably.

▶️ Free EMS Shipping: For faster delivery, orders exceeding $300 are eligible for free EMS shipping. This option is ideal for urgent medical requirements without the additional cost.

▶️ Complimentary Pills: Every order placed with Pharmacy Mall comes with free pills. You can choose from Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra, providing an opportunity to explore these treatments without extra expenses.

▶️ Coupon Codes: Keep an eye on our website for periodic coupon codes. These can offer substantial discounts on a variety of products, making your purchases even more economical.

Customers’ reviews – What they think about Pharmacy Mall

Honestly to say, we spend many times reading the reviews of Pharmacy Mall. We really appreciate they provide high-level service to customers. We’ve collected some of them to show how customers are satisfied with the service, range, prices, etc.

Sarah T., United Kingdom
“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes three years ago. Managing my blood sugar was a constant struggle until I started ordering Metformin from Pharmacy Mall. Their prompt service and reliable delivery have made a significant difference in my daily health routine. I’m now better at controlling my glucose levels and feel much more energetic throughout the day.”pharmacy-mall-mobile-app

Carlos M., Brazil
“Suffering from chronic asthma since childhood, I’ve always needed regular supplies of inhalers. Pharmacy Mall has been a game changer for me. The cost of Ventolin here is far less than local pharmacies, and with their quick shipping, I’ve never had to worry about running out. It’s truly enhanced my quality of life.”

Anna K., Canada
“After being diagnosed with depression last year, I was overwhelmed by the cost and availability of antidepressants in local pharmacies. Discovering this company was a relief; they offered Zoloft at a price I could afford, and it’s made a world of difference to my mental health. Their discreet packaging and respect for privacy are just the cherry on top!”

Hiro Y., Japan
“Dealing with high blood pressure has been part of my life for over a decade. Its selection of affordable Lisinopril has helped me manage my condition without breaking the bank. I appreciate the ease of ordering and how quickly they handle shipments. It’s comforting to know I can rely on them.”

Elena S., Italy
“I found out I had early-stage osteoporosis during a routine check-up last year. My doctor recommended Calcium supplements and Fosamax, which were prohibitively expensive locally. Pharmacy Mall not only provided these at a lower price but also ensured that they were delivered safely to my doorstep. I’m grateful for their service and the peace of mind it brings.”

Michael D., USA
“Dealing with erectile dysfunction was challenging, both personally and in my relationships. Discovering Pharmacy Mall allowed me to order Viagra 50mg at a competitive price. Since starting the medication, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my condition. The quick delivery and discreet packaging offered by Pharmacy Mall have made this a stress-free experience.”

Priya G., India
“Erectile dysfunction had been a difficult issue for me to manage until I found Cialis through Pharmacy Mall. The affordable prices and reliable service provided an accessible solution. The effectiveness of Cialis has greatly enhanced my quality of life, and the convenience of home delivery means I never miss a dose.”

Simon P., Australia
“After being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, I was prescribed Levitra but was concerned about the cost. Pharmacy Mall offered it at a price that was manageable, which has been a huge relief. The improvement in my condition has been remarkable, and the fast shipping ensures that I am always prepared.”

Nadia C., France
“I developed seasonal allergies as an adult, and the costs of antihistamines were unexpectedly high. Pharmacy Mall has been a blessing with their affordable Claritin options. Not only is it cheaper, but it also arrives right at my door, saving me time and hassle. Their service is impeccable, and I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with similar issues.”

We’ve also decided to provide the screens with the reviews:




Frequently Asked Questions


Coupon Codes: HEALTH10, SAVE5, WELCOME20

What countries does Pharmacy Mall ship to?

International shipping is offered to a wide range of countries across continents including North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa and Oceania. Customers can verify if their country is serviced by checking the shipping policy section on the website or contacting customer support directly. This extensive shipping network ensures that medications are accessible to a global audience via Pharmacy Mall.

Is customer support available 24/7?

While customer support is not available 24/7, Pharmacy Mall offers extended hours that are designed to accommodate various time zones. Customers are encouraged to reach out through email, phone, or live chat during these hours. The website provides specific contact times to ensure that assistance is timely and effective.

What should I do if I receive the wrong medication?

Immediately contacting customer service is crucial if the wrong medication is received. Pharmacy Mall has a clear protocol for handling such errors, which usually includes returning the incorrect medication at their expense and quickly sending the correct order to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

How do I update my shipping address after placing an order from Pharmacy Mall?

If an order needs an address update, it is essential to contact customer service quickly. Pharmacy Mall can update the shipping address before dispatch. If the order is already on its way, modifying the address might involve additional steps or costs.

Can I request a specific brand of medication?

Customers have the option to select between generic and specific brand-name medications during the ordering process. This flexibility ensures that individuals can continue using trusted brands or explore cost-effective alternatives provided by Pharmacy Mall.

What forms of payment does Pharmacy Mall accept besides credit cards?

Other than credit cards, various payment methods such as PayPal, e-checks, or wire transfers may be available, depending on the customer’s location. Pharmacy Mall ensures that multiple payment options are offered, catering to different preferences for convenience and security.

How are medications stored at Pharmacy Mall to ensure their quality?

Strict storage guidelines are followed to ensure the quality and safety of medications. Temperature and humidity controls are strictly monitored in storage facilities, and Pharmacy Mall regularly conducts audits to maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

Can I set up recurring orders for my prescriptions?

A subscription service for recurring medication orders is available, allowing customers to receive their prescriptions periodically without reordering each time. This feature is particularly beneficial for managing long-term prescriptions and is supported by Pharmacy Mall for customer convenience.

How can I verify the authenticity of the medications I receive?

To ensure the authenticity of medications, Pharmacy Mall provides documentation like lot numbers and expiry dates with each order. Customers can request further verification details from customer service if they have concerns about the authenticity of their medications.

About the Author

Daniel Johnson
Daniel B. Johnson received a B.S. in Biology from Chicago University. He is currently pursuing his medical degree at Harvard Medical School. Daniel is in his fourth year of study, focusing on Pediatric Endocrinology. He has completed his clinical rotations with a specialty in managing pediatric endocrine disorders. Daniel has a special interest in diabetes management, growth disorders, and thyroid disease in children and adolescents. His dedication to improving pediatric healthcare through research and clinical practice makes him an invaluable part of our team.


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