What If Your Child Became Seriously Ill? Easy Ways to Get Money for Treatment

What If Your Child Became Seriously Ill

If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need money or a loan for the treatment of a child, the bank is the last resort. It is useless to seek money for treatment from private lenders because such lenders do not really exist. If you need a few hundred dollars for the purchase of medicines, then it is easier to contact a pawnshop or borrow from a friend.

How to get money for your child’s treatment fast

If you need a large amount of money to treat your child, then going to the bank for a medical loan is practically a pointless business and a waste of time. This is due to several factors:

  • There are no targeted loans for the treatment of serious diseases, and they are unlikely to ever appear. Yes, banks offer small loans for eye treatment, dental treatment and other non-life-threatening medical services. When it comes to oncology or other serious illness, no bank will issue a loan, even if it is requested by a healthy person for a child;
  • Often, the bank does not issue a medical loan due to too high amounts required for surgery, rehabilitation, etc. Parents simply don’t have enough collateral to get a loan. In addition, the bank understands that such borrowers are at risk because the return of loan funds for them will be more difficult than in another situation.

For example, in Arkansas, it is almost impossible to get a bank loan for the treatment of a child. The only option is payday loans Arkansas. If the parents do not have enough funds for treatment, rehabilitation, purchase of medicines, the only correct option is to use this product. Payday loans are easy-to get-loans that are due on the day you get your next paycheck or close to this date (1-4 weeks). Loan amounts typically range between $100 and $1,000. Borrowed money can be used for whatever purpose, including medical treatment, the purchase of medicine, rehabilitation, etc. To get accepted for a short-term loan, you must be an adult US citizen or a permanent resident and have a source of income (any type of income is suitable). You only need to fill out a short application form and get matched with the right lender for your needs. If approved, the money will be credited to your bank account immediately. You can find out all the necessary information about such loans online: no matter whether you need payday loans Cleveland or payday loans Fayetteville AR. Follow the links to get the lists of legit lenders in the state, read user reviews, and study approximate rates and terms.

Free financial assistance for the child’s treatment through Global Fund for Children

Global Fund for Children is a grantmaking organization, providing funds to NGOs worldwide for the betterment of vulnerable children. This is one of the largest and most famous charitable organizations in the USA, which annually helps hundreds and thousands of children get the necessary treatment. Global Fund for Children has been operating since 1994.

Everyone can turn to the Give Life Foundation for help if their child has a hematological or oncological disease, the treatment of which the family cannot afford due to lack of funds.

The Fund helps children and adolescents to pay for diagnostics and treatment, to buy medicines, medical supplies, special equipment, etc.

To receive such assistance, a parent or next of kin of the child must leave an online application on the website. This is a detailed questionnaire in which you need to indicate the name of the child, his or her age, full and detailed diagnosis. In the questionnaire, you need to describe in great detail what kind of help is needed in your situation, why it is not provided at the expense of the budget. In the questionnaire, it is necessary to indicate a real phone number, an e-mail address, and other contacts.

A medical statement must be attached to the questionnaire, which will contain the doctor’s prescription (drugs, types and methods of treatment, other prescriptions for which money is needed).

The decision on financial assistance is made by a council of doctors who are experts of the Global Fund for Children. When considering an application, they may request more detailed information, additional tests, etc.

In addition to financial assistance, the Fund helps to undergo psychological rehabilitation after hematological or oncological diseases.

The Global Fund for Children is collecting money to help those who applied it among ordinary citizens, companies, high-ranking officials and personalities, showmen and celebrities. Everyone can make their own contribution to the Fund by transferring funds, donating blood, becoming a volunteer, etc.

Other charitable foundations in the USA

You can get money for the child’s treatment in other charitable organizations.

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation

Cure 4 The Kids Foundation is one of the largest charitable organizations in the USA. It was created over 10 years ago. On the pages of their own publication, the founders of the Foundation publish targeted requests for help with a detailed description of the stories of seriously ill children, orphans and disabled people who are being helped.

To get help in the Foundation, the child’s guardian or parent needs to send a letter with a detailed description of what happened, the current situation, the necessary assistance that will help the child in treatment.

To do this, you need to download the letter form on the official website and fill it out in as much detail as possible, provide current contact information, full name. The following documents must be attached to the letter:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s ID;
  2. Certificate of income from the place of employment (both parents);
  3. A copy of the child’s birth certificate;
  4. A copy of the last medical report from the doctor with a detailed description of the prescription;
  5. An invoice for treatment, medicines, rehabilitation with the indication of bank details;
  6. A copy of the application to the guardianship authorities with a request for help and refusal;
  7. Photo of the child.

The donors of Cure 4 The Kids Foundation are not only private individuals, showmen and celebrities, but also the largest brands, banks, sports clubs.

Children’s Health Fund

Another large charitable organization is Children’s Health Fund, which provides targeted financial assistance to children with cancer, heart disease, hematological and other serious illnesses. The Fund cooperates with US and foreign clinics. The main part of its donors are entrepreneurs and corporate benefactors, private individuals.

To get help from this Fund, the child’s parent or guardian needs to send an e-mail letter. In the letter, you need to describe in detail what happened to your child, inform about the current state of affairs, describe the situation in as much detail as possible.

The letter must contain the contact details of the person seeking help, current phone number, a photo of the child, medical documents confirming the diagnosis, the invoice issued by the clinic for treatment, medications, etc.

The letter is considered by the Fund within a few working days, after which the curator contacts the author to coordinate further actions.

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation is one of the largest and most famous charitable organizations dedicated to funding research to eliminate childhood cancer. The foundation was established in 1991. It is a nonprofit organization.

The Foundation sets the task of helping seriously ill and terminally ill children, tries to develop the volunteer movement in the USA, and attracts public interest in issues of charity, problems of children who cannot be cured.

To get help, the parent of a child with cancer needs to submit a form via the Foundation’s website. You need to describe the situation in detail, indicate the necessary assistance, attach to the letter all the medical documents in order to confirm the diagnosis. In the letter, you must indicate your phone number.

Applications are usually considered within 2-3 working days.

The donors of the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation are famous actors, businessmen, politicians, individuals and companies.

CHOC Children’s Foundation

CHOC Children’s Foundation dates back to 1979. Children with the following diagnoses will be able to get help from the Foundation:

  • Vascular pathology of the brain;
  • Craniostenosis;
  • Hydrocephalus;
  • Cranial hernia;
  • Bone sarcoma and coxarthrosis;
  • Endocrine diseases, etc.

Together with targeted assistance to specific people, the Foundation provides financial assistance to clinics for the purchase of equipment, necessary tools, materials, equipment for medical treatment, etc.

To receive financial assistance for treatment, medicines and other necessary things, the child’s guardian or parent needs to download an application from the website, print it out and fill it out.

You need to answer in detail all the questions, attach the necessary medical documents with an accurate diagnosis, photographs of the child. When considering an application, the CHOC Children’s Foundation can always request additional documents and check the information provided.

The donors of the Foundation are individuals, large companies, businessmen, well-known public figures, actors.